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Cosmos Studio is a Hong Kong-based sustainable clothing & lifestyle brand

for eco-conscious men and women.



We are a part of the slow fashion movement, here to address a largely ignored issue: Fashion’s devastating impact on world’s waters.



As it stands today, Fashion is among the top polluters of freshwaters - 2nd worst according to some reports - while over 2 billion people have limited access to clean water.




We couldn’t bear the thought of a family drinking, cooking, bathing with toxic water a factory released after dyeing fabric or harvesting cotton for our clothes.


That is why we decided to start our own brand and create chic, time-transcendent styles at minimal environmental costs.


We believe in the sustainable and ethical future of Fashion. We are here to set the priorities straight.


Cosmos products are made using sustainable materials and coloured with our trademarked 0 wastewater technologies.

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